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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NPP to raise polling station votes from zero to five or more in Volta region

    Adaklu-Waya, (E/R), May 5, (Gaitu/Mensah), GNA-The New Patriotic Party (NPP) expects to raise its tally from zero vote to at least five or multiples of five votes in polling stations in the Volta Region in the 2012 elections.
    Mr Evans Anyadi, Ho-East constituency Chairman of the NPP made this projection at the  constituency primary at Adaklu-Waya, won by  Mr David Dickson Dzorkpe, 63 year old Accountant.
    A total of 284 delegates present gave their nod to Mr Dzorkpe by acclamation as the NPP’s Parliamentary candidate for 2012.
    Mr Anyadi said by the expansion of the number of polling station delegates to the constituency primaries to five, the Party was in better position to properly assess the sincerity and commitment of its polling station executives to its cause.
    He said any votes less than five would therefore be an indication that the ranks of its polling station executives have been infiltrated by its opponents.
     Mr Anyadi warned that the Party leadership would not hesitate to apply the whip on those who would sacrifice the party’s votes for whatever reason.
    He said the NPP is being scientific in its approach towards the preparation, prosecution, campaign and expectations of the 2012 elections.
    Mr Anyadi said the Ho-East constituency is reckoned to have a total of 35,000 floating voters and 4020 swinging votes.
    He told the polling station executives that having been given the power “to make and unmake chosen leaders in the Party”, and to participate “fully in decision making”, they must equally be in the forefront of a vigorous campaign for those they have chosen as the Party’s candidates.
   Mr Dzorkpe urged the delegates and party activists in the constituency to brace themselves towards an uncompromising campaign and protection of   the Party’s votes in the constituency in 2012.
    He urged them to keep the exhortations and convictions of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, the Party’s Presidential candidate in mind as they enter the field to campaign and vote.
03 May 2011

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