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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Survival of marriages depends on the strength of their foundations

     Ho, May 10, (Mensah), GNA- Reverend Dr Alexander Obeng, Principal of Eastern Bible College Atibie-Kwahu has attributed the breakdown of most marriages in Ghana to the “superficial reasons most couples base on before choosing their partners”.
    He said successful marriages, which he believed were gifts from God were grounded more on “God’s guidance than physical appearance, status and wealth as most Ghanaians assume now”.
    He was speaking at a seminar on “Relationships and Marriages” organized by the Women’s’ Commission of the Students’ Representative Council of Ho Polytechnic on Tuesday.
Reverend Dr Obeng, author of motivational books said that marriage was not all “rosy” and just like a voyage on the sea, those who enter should be ready for both “smooth and stormy sailing”.
    He advised Ghanaians especially the youth to be mindful of the relationships they choose because “good choices may prolong your lives but wrong choices will shorten your life”.
    He debunked the notion that wives out-lived their husbands because wives maltreat their husbands, instead “some men die out of their reckless lifestyles”.
10 May, 11

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