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Friday, June 17, 2011

Multitude held spell-bound by traditional exorcism

Ho, June 17, (Mensah) GNA- The appetite for the wonders of traditional exorcism on Wednesday drove a multitude to a Bankoe, a suburb of Ho where a traditional Priest went  to destroy what was believed to be an evil charm (juju).
The sheer numbers however compelled the Priest to postpone the performance of the ritual digging-up of the remaining items to another day.

The charm allegedly buried in a house by a certain Kofi Agbesi, was alleged to have killed his sister, over land and three others including a young woman who turned down his love overtures.

A source close to the house told GNA that the traditional Priest had to be called in following the sudden ill health of Agbesi’s niece.

The source said a friend of Agbesi allegedly alerted Agbesi’s family that he, Agbesi had gone for medicine for warfare which he had been allegedly using wrongly.

The source said elders of the family quickly summoned Agbesi over the issue which he denied vehemently.

Agbesi was however said to have gone underground.



17 June 11

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