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Monday, June 6, 2011

EPA urged to protect streams in Ho

       Ho, June 01, (Kanyi) GNA-Some communities in the Ho Municipality have appealed to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to prevail upon people dealing in Batik, Tie and Dye businesses to desist from disposing waste chemicals into streams in the communities.
       They contended that the practice was polluting the streams and affecting the entire ecosystem negatively.
       Making the appeal through the GNA, Mr Dodzi Degboe, an opinion leader at Ho-Dome, one of the communities, said the activities of Batik, Tie and Dye operators had changed the colour and taste of the “Agblenudome Stream.”
      He said the Stream serves some communities downstream and that the continued pollution of the Stream with chemicals used in the production of Batik, Tie and Dye could cause a major disaster some day.
      Mr Degboe said at the moment, anytime the chemical waste was discharged into the Stream, the strong smell of the chemicals saturates the whole area.
       He said the chemicals had destroyed the beauty of the environment and wiped out the flora and fauna in and around the Stream.
     Mr Degboe also said the chemicals in addition produced some heat, which emanates from the Stream.
      Mr Victor Kwawukume, another opinion leader at Fiave in the Hofedo Electoral Area said the pollution of a stream in the Area had affected wells constructed along the Stream.
      He said during the dry season, the colour of water in the wells changes into the colour of chemicals used in making the Batik, Tie and Dye.
     Mr Kwawukume said appeals had been made to the EPA and wondered why no action had been taken to stop the practice.
      When contacted, Togbe Akliku Ahorney, Regional Director of EPA said they had complaints and had advised people in the Batik, Tie and Dye business to find an appropriate means of disposing wastes.
     He said the Agency was studying the situation for action.
01 June 11

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