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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

E.P. Church to form Eco Clubs in Schools

   The Evangelical Presbyterian (E.P) Church of Ghana is to promote the formation of Eco-Clubs in its Unit schools throughout the country.
    The project which is in collaboration with the Alliance of Religions and Conservation of the United Kingdom would be piloted in the Ho Municipal area, South Dayi and Adaklu-Anyigbe Districts.
    The local collaborators of the Project are the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Forestry Commission and the Municipal and District Assemblies.
    Speaking at an orientation workshop in Ho for representatives of selected schools,   Reverend Winfred Hayford Azornu, Acting General Manager of the E.P. Education Unit said pupils formed a potential critical mass of crusaders for environmental protection and sustainability given the right leadership, direction and orientation.
    He said the clubs would be assisted to grow and protect trees, practice simple farming techniques, sanitation and cleanliness, beautification, check erosion and educate communities to understand the phenomenon of climate change using the local languages.
    Reverend Azornu said prizes would also be awarded to the schools which would distinguish themselves.
    He said there would be cross-cultural teaching and learning among the clubs from different parts of the country through exchange programmes for example on the importance of particular trees, plants and herbs and the need to preserve them anywhere in the country.
     Reverend Azornu said whereas to people  South of the country, the Dawadawa and Shea Butter trees were just ordinary trees those trees are revered in the North as “royal” trees because of their economic and esthetic values.
       He said such knowledge was necessary to preserve, trees, herbs and plants everywhere in the country.
    Reverend Azornu said traditional wisdom and knowledge which helped to sustain the balance and stability of the ecological system were as important now as they were in the past.
    Dr Richmond Nfodwo, Executive Director of the E.P. Development and Relief Agency urged authorities of the schools to embrace the initiative because it is a project for the preservation of human life.
    He said water for example is an essential natural resource that must be protected and preserved everywhere because its quality is essential for the sustenance of all living things including trees and plants.
    Dr Nfodwo said a greater number of diseases that humanity is contending with have their sources from water, which also provides the clue to preventing diseases in general.
    Mr Charles Agboklu, Co-ordinator of the Project said the Church had undertaken several projects and activities in the country towards the preservation of the environment and its natural resources.
    He said it was important to get “our children to appreciate the age-old practices that helped to protect and preserve the environment.”
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