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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Robbers attack Volta Regional Dentist in Ho

      Ho, Mar 25, (Dzokoto/Mensah) GNA-Two robbers wielding knives and other offensive weapons on Wednesday dawn attacked and robbed Dr Oppong Yeboah, Volta Regional Dentist at his residence at the Medical Village in Ho.
     Mr Alex Bedie, Volta Regional Police Commander told journalists that the robbers somehow squeezed into Dr Yeboah’s bedroom, demanding he surrendered all his money and valuables.
     He said Dr Yeboah’s account of the incident indicated that he engaged the robbers in fisticuffs and managed to escape but in the process received several deep lacerations inflicted by the robbers with knives.
     Mr Bedie said the robbers thereafter ransacked the room but left with only a decoder.
     He asked residents of Ho to be on the alert for armed attacks, break-ins and street muggings as the police worked on intelligence reports that some “armed robbers had arrived in Ho”.
     Mr Bedie said the modus operandi of these robbers was to wait for victims at their doors when they arrive from work late in the night, force into their homes and rob them.
      He said police had received reports of an alert to-be-victim who saw strange figures lurking round his house and drove off to report.
     Mr Bedie advised residents who arrive late from journeys, and must have to traverse unlighted and out-of-town routes to get home to be cautious.
     He said the police was on the ground and had stepped up patrols and other crime pre-emptive processes to keep criminals at bay.
25 Mar 11    

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