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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Anlos get new Awomefia at last

Anloga, Feb 21, (Adoboli/Mensah) GNA-The people of Anlo have finally succeeded in installing an Awomefia , ending years of stalemate, following the death of the last Awomefia, Togbi Adeladza II some 13 years ago.
The new king of Anlo know as Togbi Sri III, was known in private life as Mr Patrick Agboba, 68 a retired Commissioner of Police.
Thousands of people including Ministers of State, Council of State members, members of the diplomatic corps and other government officials graced the peaceful ceremony.
A large contingent of security personnel was also present.
Motley of drumming groups from the 36 major communities and towns of the Anlo State was there to add colour and festive atmosphere to the ceremony.
The new King of Anlo who was introduced to his subjects by Togbi Awadada Awusu III (War Lord) asked for unity and peace among his subjects so as to rebuild the Anlo State which had lagged behind in development as a result of the long stalemate in getting an Awomefia.
He said the past should be forgotten and development and progress made the concern of all the people of the area.
Togbe Sri said the teeming unemployed youth in the area demand good leadership and progress, and pledged to work to give hope to his people.
Also in attendance was Mr Nyonyo Agboada who as Regent Togbi Sri sought unsuccessfully to ascend the Awomefia throne in 2007.
He told Newsmen in an interview that he fully supports the new King of Anlo and has withdrawn any ambition to ascend the throne.
He described what happened in 2007 “as an unfortunate chapter in the history of Anlo which needs to be put behind us in the greater interest of the Anlo state and its people”.
Mr Joseph Amenowode, Volta Regional Minister observed that the absence of an Awomefia was a major missing link in the socio-cultural development of Anlo in particular and the country at large.
21 Feb 11

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