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Friday, May 22, 2009

mass communications assignment

Difference between Libertarian and Social Responsibility Theory
Libertarian theory
Social Responsibility Theory
1. There is no professionalism in media reportage
The theory ensures professionalism in media reportage
2. It does not provide objective and accurate news report
It provides objective and accurate news report.
3. The media does not work with the framework of law and established institutions
The media works within the framework of law an established institution
4. The media does not avoid biases or headlines that might bring conflicts
The media avoid biases or headlines that might bring conflicts.
5. The media is not accountable to society, as well as the market
The media is always accountable to society as well as the market.
1. They all operate in a free market.
2. The media have the freedom to publish without prior restriction in these two theories.
3. They all recognised the need for the public to have access to wide diversity of opinion.
4. They all allow for private individuals to own media houses.
5. They all play the role of watchdog to put the government on it’s toes
6. They all emphasis on personal freedom.

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